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This is the global discount page for best selling LCDs LEDs in India. These LCD LED models are shortlisted based on the sales counter data from all over the country. The best prices for these models are then researched & updated here regularly.

LCD LED shopping factsThe 32 inch is the most popular and most sold segment for residential purposes.

32 inches (most popular)

best selling led lcdMicromax 32B200HDi LED – click here

Samsung 32 Inch HD ready LED EH4003 – click here

Micromax 32T2820 HD ready LED – click here

Micromax 32TFK18 HD ready LED – click here

LG 32LB515A HD ready LED – click here

Panasonic 32A300D HD ready LED – click here

Micromax 32T4000HD HD ready LED – click here

Philips 32PFL3738/V7 HD ready LED – click here

Samsung 32EH4003 HD ready LED – click here

LCD LED shopping facts

The 16 inch is most sought after size for computer screens installed at home

16 inches – Salora SLV 1602 LED HD ready – click here

19 inches  – Philips 19PFL4738/V7 HD ready – click here

20 incheslcd led

LG 20LB452 LED – click here

Micromax 20B22 HD-TP/A/V LED – click here

Micromax 20B22 HD ready LED – click here

LG 20LB452A HD ready LED – click here

LCD LED shopping factsDid you know that a LED consumes 50% less power than a LCD.

22 inches

Sony BRAVIA KLV-22P402B Full HD LED – click here

Philips 22PFL3459/V7 Full HD LED  – click here

23 inches

Samsung 23H4003 LED – click here  (with exchange)  |  (without exchange) – click here

LCD LED shopping facts The 24 inch LED and LCD is mostly purchased for office uses.

24 inches

LG 24LB452A LED – click here

Philips 24PFL3159 Full HD LED – click here

Panasonic TH-24A403DX LED – click here

Toshiba 24P1300 HD ready LED – click here

LCD LED shopping factsDid you know that LCD are fast fading off and are a technology of the past. LED is the preferred choice of consumers in India.

39 inches – Micromax 40B200HD HD ready LED –  click here

40 inches –  VU 40K16 LED Full HD  –  click here  |  Videocon VKC40FH LED Full HD – click here  | Micromax 40T2810FHD Full HD LED –  click here

42 inches – LG 42PN4500 42 Plasma HD ready –  click here

43 -54 inches

49 inches – Micromax 50C1200FHD Full HD LED –  click here

50 inches – Onida LEO50FC LED Full HD –  click here  |  LG 50PB560B Plasma HD ready – click here

If you are planning to buy a new LCD or a LED, don’t forget to visit this page and scout for the best selling models with the deepest discounts. Contact Us for any help you need with your research.




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