Minimum 20% OFF On Mobile Headphones & Headsets + 10% OFF for SBI users

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headphoneMinimum 20% OFF On Mobile Headphones & Headsets across all the national and international brands and also get additional 10% OFF if you are a SBI customer.

Brands: Various (Skullcandy, JBL, Phillips, etc)

Offer: MIN 20% OFF + 10% off for SBI users

Shipping: Free above all orders of Rs.500 or more

For recommendations on the headphone please visit the forum here:

Skullcandy Lowrider – Navy / Chrome @ Rs.1959(30%off)

[Image: skullcandy-lowrider-400x400-imadffgwgga2ewky.jpeg]

JBL J03B Tempo On Ear Headphone (Black)@ Rs.1222(38%off)
[Image: jbl-tempo-on-ear-400x400-imad7hyymjz4mttw.jpeg]

Philips SHQ1200 ActionFit Sports In-the-ear Headphone@ Rs.499(23%off)

[Image: philips-shq1200-400x400-imadpdmj3suksdfq.jpeg]

AERIAL7 Matador Hazard Over-the-ear Headset @ Rs.964(51%off)

[Image: aerial7-matador-hazard-400x400-imadkj955vy2jsv5.jpeg]

SBI users can avail extra 10% off


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