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Buy Vinod Rai’s, Not Just an Accountant now. Vinod Rai, the ex CAG auditor blows the lid off the integrity of former PM Manmohan Singh. Vinod Rai describes in his book how former PM Manmohan Singh knew everything about the 2G scam, coalgate and civil aviation scam and how he did not act. The best selling and the hottest book today at 35% discount

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A point by point factual detailing on how the 2G scam was a result of former PM Manmohan Singh’s corruption. On how Praful Patel, the former civil aviation minster from Sharad Pawar’s party looted the country with the civil aviation scam. Vinod Rai, the author of the book, is the former CAG auditor (Comproller and Auditor General). Vindo Rai was the person who first blew the lid off the 2G scam and then the coalgoate scam. The country needs more officers of his competence and integrity. The senior Congress leader, Kamal Nath, has gone on record saying he too had warned Manmohan Singh of the scam building but the PM chose to remain silent.

Latest udpates on the explosive revelations about the corruption of Manmohan Sing govt

12 sept, 2014

I was disappointed the the PM did not act – Kamal Nath, former minister, Congress

13 Sept 2014

He may have made a mistake – Kamal Nath, former minister, Congress

Ashwani Kumar, former Law minister, orchestrated to keep the PM’s name out of the report – Vinod Rai, former CAG chief.

Air India had to sell Boeing 777s (aircrafts) at 1/5th of the price it was purchased, due to Praful Patel, former Civil Aviation minsiter – Vinod Rai, former CAG chief

We will sue Vinod Rai – Congress party’s attack of Vinod Rai and his revelations in his book.

14 Sept 2014

I did my duty – former PM Manmohan Singh on Vinod Rai’s allegations in his book

Integrity is not just financial, it is profession, it is intellectual – Vinod Rai, former CAG chief on comments from MMS

Was your duty to allow corruption to go full steam, uninterrupted ? – BuyCheapIndia asks the PM



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